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November 17, 2011

11:15 AM

How does Wizzley work?

Wizzley was set up by some German ex-Squidoo lensmasters, with help from two German software developers. Thanks to the user experience of ChefKeem and others, the platform combines the best of Squidoo and Hubpages without any of the downsides.

So you have great Amazon modules for instance, that have buy buttons (like Squidoo), but they've added the facility to make the pictures look big, which helps with conversions enormously. 

In terms of how they share revenue, they've adopted the fairer Hubpages model; you put in your adsense and amazon ids, and they give you 50% of the page impressions with your id. Once you have over 50 wizzles, you get 55% of the impressions, and once you are over 100 wizzles, you get 60% of the impressions.

Because they were set up post Panda, they have taken steps to ensure that their platform doesn't get overwhelmed with spam. They pre-moderate your first five wizzles (and only after you have passed that moderation do your links turn do-follow). The moderation is pretty strict - there is automatic checking of duplication on publication. The human moderators also turn you down if you grammar is poor, if your page is badly written and if you write on certain spammy topics. What is more, they try to read most of the wizzles produced, so even after someone has been given the green light, they can nuke you if they find standards have slipped. You'll find lots of articles on the web from disgruntled people who have fallen foul of their standards and been unpublished.

If you produce good quality unique work though, there are rewards to be had. Wizzles rank much more easily than hubpages and squidoo lenses. They seem to convert better too.

So if you feel you can produce good stuff, join Wizzley today.
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Posted by Chef Keem:

Thank you, Rose. This is not only an accurate but also a very kind review of Wizzley.
Warm regards,
Chef Keem
November 18, 2011 @ 11:42 AM

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