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January 4, 2012

7:46 AM

Two Month Anniverssary

It's my two month anniverssary on Wizzley, so how have I done?

Not too bad. Have earned $56.92 from Amazon and $8.50 from Adsense, which is a decent return seeing as I have only got 17 wizzles.

Obviously the next step is to write some more, and I will be focusing this January on making sure I get up to 50 wizzles which should give me an increased revenue share (it goes up to 55% when you have 50 wizzles).

At present I have the adsense on the wizzles set to "discreet" as I want the sales from Amazon more. Will be continuing with this policy for the moment. 

Update 4th Feb 2012. Earnings now stand at $74.79 from Amazon and $11.61 from Adsense. I now have 18 wizzles (only wrote one wizzle in Jan on best dog sweaters)

Update 4th March 2012 Earnings now stand at $86.03 from Amazon and $13.17 from Adsense. As you can tell, earnings have slowed somewhat, but I haven't done any further promotion of the wizzles and haven't written anymore - that's a task for this month!
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