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July 8, 2012

7:59 AM

How does Zujava work?

I've just joined Zujava, which is a revenue sharing site similar to Squidoo. It allows you to publish "leaves" on most subjects though their TOS has restrictions (they exclude the spammier types of topics).

They are also similar to Squidoo in that the payout is shared 50-50 between Zujava and the writers, but the amount you get is based on Tiers, where the top tier shares most of the revenue. However the Amazon sales are shared 50-50 with the person whose page made the sale.
The Tiers or buckets work as follows: Your article or "leaf" is assigned a ZQ score, based on traffic, likes and sales. The ZQ for each day is then averaged over the month to give your monthly score. The leaf is then assigned to a bucker - the top 10% of leaves go into the top bucket, the next bucket is based on the next 20% of leaves, with all the rest going into the third bucket.
They then split the advertising revenue 50-50, and the amount that is to be shared with the writers is distributed as follows: 70% goes to the top tier, 25% goes to Tier 2 and 5% goes to Tier 3.
There are several things to note about this - all the leaves will get something, unlike on Squidoo where advertising revenue is shared only amongst the top 80,000 Squidoo lenses (Squidoo has some 450,000 active lenses). As the site grows, the Tiers will expand, and income is likely to be distributed more fairly than on Squidoo where a select few gain what others have earned. And the scoring system for the ZQ rank is also fairer with less "black" stuff than on Squidoo, where malicious competitors can "ding" your lens to remove you from the earning tiers.
All in all, for writers, this is a much better set-up.    
They allow you to have links on your leaves, but these are limited to a maximum of 10 per leaf.
They are quite strict with new joiners - you get put into a "Petting Zu" where you must produce three good quality leaves before they let you out and allow you to publish.
All in all it's a friendly place and a good place to write. To join, click here.
Here are my first five leaves:
The Psychology of Color 
Best Glass Storage Containers


Common Italian Names


Black figure pottery from ancient Athens
How to make a video using Windows Movie Maker
Update August 2015 Zujava has sadly closed it's site, so i have removed the links.
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