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November 2, 2012

10:02 AM

90 Day Challenge - Day 2

OK, todays task was to submit to RSS feed sites. My leaf didn't have a feed, but my Zujava profile did, so I submitted the profile feed instead - hopefully this should boost all my leaves.

I also did a related Zujava leaf so I could make an internal backlink to my soup diet leaf. Here it is: Best soup thermos flask 
I've also written an article with a backlink to the Zujava one on expertscolumn
Also tweeted all the new pages I've written (don't know if it helps, but did it anyway!)
You can see my previous entry about wizzley here


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November 1, 2012

7:54 PM

90 Day Challenge

I'm participating in a 90 day challenge to make $100 a day by the end of it, that is being organised by Jason E Johns. The idea is to promote a Clickbank product that is not in the IM niche. I've never promoted Clickbank before, so this should be interesting. 

The rule is that you can spend no more than $30 (to cover domain and hosting), but I'm going to spend nothing because I'm putting my niche on Zujava.
As you can see below, I've selected my niche. The traffic stats are much lower than what Jasone Johns recommends, but there are a lot of related keywords that I should be able to work into my text to bring in additional traffic.
Here's the initial version of my page: soup diet recipe
After I've done a bit of research I'll probably go back and revise it add some more text and sprinkle a few more keyword phrases that I want to target.
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July 8, 2012

7:59 AM

How does Zujava work?

I've just joined Zujava, which is a revenue sharing site similar to Squidoo. It allows you to publish "leaves" on most subjects though their TOS has restrictions (they exclude the spammier types of topics).

They are also similar to Squidoo in that the payout is shared 50-50 between Zujava and the writers, but the amount you get is based on Tiers, where the top tier shares most of the revenue. However the Amazon sales are shared 50-50 with the person whose page made the sale.
The Tiers or buckets work as follows: Your article or "leaf" is assigned a ZQ score, based on traffic, likes and sales. The ZQ for each day is then averaged over the month to give your monthly score. The leaf is then assigned to a bucker - the top 10% of leaves go into the top bucket, the next bucket is based on the next 20% of leaves, with all the rest going into the third bucket.
They then split the advertising revenue 50-50, and the amount that is to be shared with the writers is distributed as follows: 70% goes to the top tier, 25% goes to Tier 2 and 5% goes to Tier 3.
There are several things to note about this - all the leaves will get something, unlike on Squidoo where advertising revenue is shared only amongst the top 80,000 Squidoo lenses (Squidoo has some 450,000 active lenses). As the site grows, the Tiers will expand, and income is likely to be distributed more fairly than on Squidoo where a select few gain what others have earned. And the scoring system for the ZQ rank is also fairer with less "black" stuff than on Squidoo, where malicious competitors can "ding" your lens to remove you from the earning tiers.
All in all, for writers, this is a much better set-up.    
They allow you to have links on your leaves, but these are limited to a maximum of 10 per leaf.
They are quite strict with new joiners - you get put into a "Petting Zu" where you must produce three good quality leaves before they let you out and allow you to publish.
All in all it's a friendly place and a good place to write. To join, click here.
Here are my first five leaves:
The Psychology of Color 
Best Glass Storage Containers


Common Italian Names


Black figure pottery from ancient Athens
How to make a video using Windows Movie Maker
Update August 2015 Zujava has sadly closed it's site, so i have removed the links.
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April 20, 2012

8:24 PM


Wizzley has now signed a deal with Viglink to allow Viglink links on their site. This opens things up as Viglink have over 500 retailers on their books, so you can really offer searchers a choice on your wizzles, and are not restricted to just Amazon modules and Adsense.

Anyway, have enabled Viglink on my wizzles and will be reporting back as to how it has gone.

Here's my latest wizzle using Viglink - Where to buy ipad 3
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January 4, 2012

7:46 AM

Two Month Anniverssary

It's my two month anniverssary on Wizzley, so how have I done?

Not too bad. Have earned $56.92 from Amazon and $8.50 from Adsense, which is a decent return seeing as I have only got 17 wizzles.

Obviously the next step is to write some more, and I will be focusing this January on making sure I get up to 50 wizzles which should give me an increased revenue share (it goes up to 55% when you have 50 wizzles).

At present I have the adsense on the wizzles set to "discreet" as I want the sales from Amazon more. Will be continuing with this policy for the moment. 

Update 4th Feb 2012. Earnings now stand at $74.79 from Amazon and $11.61 from Adsense. I now have 18 wizzles (only wrote one wizzle in Jan on best dog sweaters)

Update 4th March 2012 Earnings now stand at $86.03 from Amazon and $13.17 from Adsense. As you can tell, earnings have slowed somewhat, but I haven't done any further promotion of the wizzles and haven't written anymore - that's a task for this month!
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November 19, 2011

7:00 AM

Wizzley Writing Challenge Diary

There is a challenge on Wizzley to write 30 sales wizzles in a month (starting today), and I am participating.

I was originally going to put this diary on a wizzle, but you need 400 words to publish, and of course my diary entries will be a bit sparse to start with - so I'm going to put it all on this one page.
Day 1: Wrote one wizzle. Spent some time bookmarking all my wizzles on various places. Time consuming, and who knows if it helps, but anyway, have done it! I also added the link to my wizzley profile to my Gravatar profile (as well as adding the link to this blog). Don't know if it helps, but it's a backlink!
Day 3: Have written three wizzles so far. Have submitted a couple to Social Monkee for additional bookmarks. 
Have also been going through my meta descriptions and writing more interesting descriptions - when I originally set up the wizzles, I just put a short one line description, but I don't think they stand out in the search results as well as the longer more enticing descriptions. 
Day 5: Have now done four wizzles altogether. Have set the adsense on the articles to "discreet" (am hoping this means people are more likely to click on amazon links - we shall see how this works out)
Day 10 Have now made seven wizzles in total - and got three extra sales. Am trying to gee myself up into writing some more. They are definitely ranking quite easily and only need a little push to get them onto the first page.
Day 17 Have now made nine wizzles in total for the challenge (taking my total wizzles to 17). I ought to be churning out a few more - but in the meanwhile, have made another sale. Total sales since I started with wizzley are now at seven.
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November 18, 2011

11:21 AM

Got a sale!

Just wanted to tell someone (my non existent readers!) that when i logged into my Amazon account, I found I actually got some sales from my wizzles!

The total number of clicks from Wizzley to Amazon this month have been 8 (recall that I only joined Wizzley about 11 days ago), and I got three sales from it (I think they were all from the same person).

Very happy - don't know if this is a fluke or not, but am now inspired to knock out some more wizzles in time for Black Friday.
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November 17, 2011

11:15 AM

How does Wizzley work?

Wizzley was set up by some German ex-Squidoo lensmasters, with help from two German software developers. Thanks to the user experience of ChefKeem and others, the platform combines the best of Squidoo and Hubpages without any of the downsides.

So you have great Amazon modules for instance, that have buy buttons (like Squidoo), but they've added the facility to make the pictures look big, which helps with conversions enormously. 

In terms of how they share revenue, they've adopted the fairer Hubpages model; you put in your adsense and amazon ids, and they give you 50% of the page impressions with your id. Once you have over 50 wizzles, you get 55% of the impressions, and once you are over 100 wizzles, you get 60% of the impressions.

Because they were set up post Panda, they have taken steps to ensure that their platform doesn't get overwhelmed with spam. They pre-moderate your first five wizzles (and only after you have passed that moderation do your links turn do-follow). The moderation is pretty strict - there is automatic checking of duplication on publication. The human moderators also turn you down if you grammar is poor, if your page is badly written and if you write on certain spammy topics. What is more, they try to read most of the wizzles produced, so even after someone has been given the green light, they can nuke you if they find standards have slipped. You'll find lots of articles on the web from disgruntled people who have fallen foul of their standards and been unpublished.

If you produce good quality unique work though, there are rewards to be had. Wizzles rank much more easily than hubpages and squidoo lenses. They seem to convert better too.

So if you feel you can produce good stuff, join Wizzley today.
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November 16, 2011

9:32 PM


This blog is a journal about my attempts to make money from Wizzley. I joined on November 4th, and so far am enjoying it immensely. Have written 8 wizzles, and have started getting traffic from the search engines.

I just wanted a blog to document my Wizzley experiment, and did not want to set one up on either blogger or wordpress (have had bad experiences with them both). So I am experimenting with this Bravejournal blog.

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