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November 19, 2011

7:00 AM

Wizzley Writing Challenge Diary

There is a challenge on Wizzley to write 30 sales wizzles in a month (starting today), and I am participating.

I was originally going to put this diary on a wizzle, but you need 400 words to publish, and of course my diary entries will be a bit sparse to start with - so I'm going to put it all on this one page.
Day 1: Wrote one wizzle. Spent some time bookmarking all my wizzles on various places. Time consuming, and who knows if it helps, but anyway, have done it! I also added the link to my wizzley profile to my Gravatar profile (as well as adding the link to this blog). Don't know if it helps, but it's a backlink!
Day 3: Have written three wizzles so far. Have submitted a couple to Social Monkee for additional bookmarks. 
Have also been going through my meta descriptions and writing more interesting descriptions - when I originally set up the wizzles, I just put a short one line description, but I don't think they stand out in the search results as well as the longer more enticing descriptions. 
Day 5: Have now done four wizzles altogether. Have set the adsense on the articles to "discreet" (am hoping this means people are more likely to click on amazon links - we shall see how this works out)
Day 10 Have now made seven wizzles in total - and got three extra sales. Am trying to gee myself up into writing some more. They are definitely ranking quite easily and only need a little push to get them onto the first page.
Day 17 Have now made nine wizzles in total for the challenge (taking my total wizzles to 17). I ought to be churning out a few more - but in the meanwhile, have made another sale. Total sales since I started with wizzley are now at seven.
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